About Me

Born and raised in South Africa, I'm a student of life whose interests span across many fields. In recent years I decided to focus more on my writing and personal development.

In 2009 I completed the NaNoWriMo challenge which only proved that I have what it takes to finish a full length novel. This was a giant leap for me. I again took up the challenge in 2011 and completed my second book which I have since published.

2009 was also the year I joined up with three other co-founders and started a creative community called Legion Ink. A place for creatives of all sorts to get together online and socially, help each other out or collaborate on projects.

In 2010, a short story fantasy I wrote got turned into an audio book and is available for purchase. This is also the year I delved into photography, fascinated in the little things people most often overlook.

My long time health issues, although at times a challenge in themself, have helped me to dig deeper and learn more about myself and the life I live. Nothing should be a set-back, merely another stepping stone forward.

I am a fan of fantasy and sci-fi genres and thus they are the focus of my written works as well as my hobbies. PC and online gaming, pen 'n paper table-top role playing and a healthy obsession collecting comic books, martial arts, archery and genealogy are only some of the great influences in my life thus far.

Thank you for your interest and I hope you'll find something in here inspiring or useful in your life.