Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Art of Distraction

It's not really and art, it's second nature. Here I am trying to write the first chapter of my new novel and low and behold - I'm not getting very far.

My day started on a less than positive note when, after failing to get any decent sleep during the night, I was rudely woken up extra early by a power drill grinding its way into my patio wall. Granted, I'm in the process of having a roof put up but did they have to start so early and so - loud!? 

Regardless, I got up, made tea and turned on my PC. By the time I had finished getting dressed, all was quiet as construction halted due to a missing componant. Typical, I thought to myself. I was finally alone and took the opportunity to work on my first chapter.

I managed to write a page or two before I got hungry for an early lunch. Most likely because I had an early breakfast. Chuffed with myself for getting some writing done, I rewarded myself with an episode on the TV - one I've been patiently waiting to watch to find out what happened after the previous episode's 'to be continued' tease.

Lunch done, episode watched, time to get back to my chapter. Or so I thought. As I sat down to write, construction resumed in the form of a delivery. The panels for the roof were being dropped off. I dealt with it, got myself a drink and returned to my computer.

A familiar sound alerted me to a new mail. So I stopped and checked if it was anything interesting. I rarely is, yet I check, hopeful I guess. While I was at it, I decided to check if there were any new posts on my forum, perhaps some interesting tweets, anything new on deviant art. I promised to make it quick so that I could get back to my writing. I was actually eager to continue my story.

Several hours later, more tea, cookies and at least three random and unannounced visits to my house, I eventually get back to my novel only to realise that I have less than two hours to bath and get ready for our weekly family diner.

How does this day end? Well, after getting ready, I sat back in front of my computer and wrote this post. Even though while getting ready, all I kept telling myself was 'while you wait, work on your chapter'. In fact, I drummed it into my mind to do just that and yet, here I sit writing something completely not my novel.

It's time to leave and as I head to diner, sit through the family drama and try to eat some food, I'll keep telling myself 'when you get home, work on your novel' although, I know very well, that won't be the case. I'll get home, watch another episode and feel bad for not getting much writing done, make myself feel better with a few more cookies, then go to bed in the hopes of getting a decent night's sleep while pondering in my half asleep daze why life is how it is.

Another day gone, another day awaits. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! What strange adventure awaits me next...  :-/

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Why do we always only see the bad in people. Never the good. Always the things they do wrong, the mistakes they make - and never the things they do right or the things they make right. All we do is complain about our lives, about others and about the way things are. Never do we say thanks, acknowledge thoughtfulness or change things for the better.

It breaks my heart.

The bickering, the fighting, the hate and disgust. The disappointment, failures - the utter lack of any positive emotion. A world of angry people spreading like cancer. Lives filled with sadness, contagious unto suffering.

It poisons my soul.

A society run on greed and power. Corrupt systems, unjustness and a volatile disrespect for life in any form. I cannot see past the darkness we've created. The darkness I helped create. Hope is the only thing keeping me from drowning.

A hope that is dwindling.

Each day I hope things will change. Each day I hope, things will get better. So lost in the darkness - it's become hard to breath. I'm grasping for air. I feel so disconnected.

And then, I see it. A shimmer of light. Has it always been there - I never saw it before. I see it now and I will follow it out. I shall conquer my darkness and in so doing, become a beacon of light so that those around me, trapped in their own darkness, can see my light. May it help them, guide them out of their own darkness - so that they too can become beacons of light for those around them.

May we all follow our Light and remember what it means to Love. Enough is enough.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Few people realise the effect their actions have on others or even the world. Everyone creates ripples from tiny subconscious actions to monumental intentional deeds. You are creating ripples whether you intend to or not.

Some people see these as consequences to their actions. Others purposely act in a certain way knowing the outcome it will create. These are all one in the same. That is how we all partake in shaping the world and how we perceive life.

Be aware of the ripples you create so that you can do so with better intent. So that you can send your positive ripples out and know that somewhere, someone will feel the effect. Be aware that all your actions, every single one of them, sends out a ripple that will affect another on some level. Just because you don’t see the effect, does not make you less liable for the cause.

Remember the ripple – and it could be a great tool in life.

(Reposted. Originally Posted Thursday, December 10, 2009)